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  • Systemic Action for Gender Equality (SAGE)

    Systemic Action for Gender Equality (SAGE)

    An international workshop at the University of Brescia will analyse the Systemic Action for Gender Equality promoted by the SAGE EU co funded proposal. Under the coordination of the WISER Centre, at Trinity College, Dublin, the SAGE (Systemic Action for Gender Equality) project introduces and develops gender-sensitive organisational cultures and practices in seven EU based […]

  • Are you a “digital curious”?

    The study described in this article used grounded theory methodology to investigate adults’ accounts of their relationships with others when using information and communication technologies (ICT). Ten women and ten men were interviewed. All were Italians born between 1952-1961. It was found that the participants shared a common eagerness to learn and use ICT, which led us to coin the term ‘digital curious’. They recognised the growing importance of using ICT and realised that they were competent enough to support others in ICT learning or use. Their awareness of their competence and role was linked to their approach to interactions with older and younger people, not all of them easy. The study findings illustrate how the participants’ relationships with older and younger people when using ICT are seen as relevant and offer meaningful experiences.

  • Genere e tecnologia. Rinnovate alleanze per promuovere l’inclusione sociale

    Genere e tecnologia. Rinnovate alleanze per promuovere l’inclusione sociale

    “Il campo di studi interdisciplinare che analizza i rapporti fra donne, uomini, genere e tecnologia, denominato Gender and Technology studies, dagli anni Settanta del secolo scorso ha analizzato e discusso in maniera critica numerose tecnologie: riproduttive, ambientali, informatiche, di uso domestico o lavorativo. Le ricerche, condotte prevalentemente da studiose di varie discipline accomunate dall’interesse verso […]

  • Feminist Technosciences

    ANNOUNCING A NEW BOOK SERIES FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS Feminist Technosciences seeks to publish emerging, intersectional, cutting-edge feminist work in science and technology studies. As science and technology move to center stage in contemporary culture and politics, the need for new and multifaceted analyses becomes even more pressing. Early social and historical studies […]