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  • GEP: prospettive teoriche a supporto della pratica

    A Milano Bicocca fra pochi giorni si inaugura la undicesima European Feminist Research Conference. Parteciperò a una tavola rotonda in cui discuteremo di Gender Equality Plan, perché fra pochi mesi cominceremo a fare il bilancio del primo anno (o dei primi mesi) di attuazione delle varie azioni, e capire cosa ha facilitato o rallentato il […]

  • Research impact outside of academia

    Is being interviewed by a local (even national) newspaper (or invited from a prestigious university to do a seminar) good for impact? No, at least not unless it leads to something else, as Prof. Gauntlett clearly explained in an article published in 2014 but still useful for those involved in projects where demonstrating the impact […]

  • Looking for gender in the EU 9th FP

    In the EU 6th Framework Programme several Gender mainstreaming measures were included. The guides for proposers of the largest-scale projects required them to draw up a Gender Action Plan (GAP) stating how they intended to take gender issues into account in their research. But this requirement disappeared in the 7th FP. The 8th Framework Programme, […]

  • Systemic Action for Gender Equality (SAGE)

    Systemic Action for Gender Equality (SAGE)

    An international workshop at the University of Brescia will analyse the Systemic Action for Gender Equality promoted by the SAGE EU co funded proposal. Under the coordination of the WISER Centre, at Trinity College, Dublin, the SAGE (Systemic Action for Gender Equality) project introduces and develops gender-sensitive organisational cultures and practices in seven EU based […]

  • The Politics of Feminist Knowledge Transfer

    The book draws together analytical work on gender training and gender expertise. Its chapters critically reflect on the politics of feminist knowledge transfer, understood as an inherently political, dynamic and contested process, the overall aim of which is to transform gendered power relations in pursuit of more equal societies, workplaces and policies.

  • Gender and adult education

    Gender and adult education

    “All adult educators base their work on a theory or paradigm, believes Professor Jyri Manninen*. It is another matter whether the practitioner’s choice of theory is conscious or unconscious.” Althought the article does not speak about gender, I wonder how we could apply Manninen’s interview to “gender” in adult education. Manninen is Professor of Adult & Continuing […]

  • Gender and race in transnational migration studies. Summer school

    Gender and race in transnational migration studies. Summer school

    A Coruña- Santiago de Compostela, Galicia (SPAIN), July 4-8, 2016 The idea of the summer school is to encourage a conversation among scholars who are working on questions of Transnationalism using a Gender and/or Race perspective. We would like to explore the intersectionality between these two forms of oppression and its relation to transnational migration. How […]

  • Genere e tecnologia. Rinnovate alleanze per promuovere l’inclusione sociale

    Genere e tecnologia. Rinnovate alleanze per promuovere l’inclusione sociale

    “Il campo di studi interdisciplinare che analizza i rapporti fra donne, uomini, genere e tecnologia, denominato Gender and Technology studies, dagli anni Settanta del secolo scorso ha analizzato e discusso in maniera critica numerose tecnologie: riproduttive, ambientali, informatiche, di uso domestico o lavorativo. Le ricerche, condotte prevalentemente da studiose di varie discipline accomunate dall’interesse verso […]

  • Every Researcher Counts!

    Every Researcher Counts!

    Four years of hard work on equality and diversity in research, excellent results! “Every Researcher Counts aims to change culture and practice and build capacity within HEI’s by embedding equality and diversity within the normal business of employing researchers and supporting their career development.” Examples of Every Researcher Counts resources: Actions for All – a reflection on all […]

  • Genre et traduction

    Genre et traduction Cynthia Kraus, Université de Lausanne Trois objets principaux seront examinés lors de cette séance. Tout d’abord la/les traductions de «gender» ou la question de savoir comment traduire ce concept anglo-américain et les idées qu’il véhicule. On reviendra ici sur certains choix effectués dans notre traduction de Trouble dans le genre. Le féminisme et la subversion de […]