Feminist Institutionalism

Gender, Institutions and Change: Feminist Institutionalism after 10 years Conference

For details of the conference please see below and visit the conference website: http://uicgenderconf.wixsite.com/conferencesite

It is over 10 years since gender scholars started developing a feminist institutionalism in workshops and conferences leading to the creation of FIIN (Feminism and Institutionalism International Network – see www.femfiin.com for details). A great deal has happened since then, including the publication of Gender, Politics and Institutions: Towards a Feminist Institutionalism edited by Mona Lena Krook and Fiona Mackay, and the establishment of a 5 year ERC Advanced Grant ‘Understanding Institutional Change: A Gender Perspective (UIC)’ (for further details of UIC see www.manchester.ac.uk/uic).

This International Conference to be held 3-4 April 2017 at the University of Manchester, UK, will be the final event for the UIC Project. The overall aims of the conference are:

  • to take stock of where we are;
  • bring together the latest research – empirical and theoretical – that is both using and developing gendered institutional analyses; and
  • to discuss future research agendas for the gendered analysis of institutions, institutional change and feminist institutionalism.

Confirmed speakers include Elin Bjarnegård, Louise Chappell, Sarah Childs, Susan Franceschet, Meryl Kenny, Mona Lena Krook, Vivien Lowndes, Fiona Mackay, Sven Steinmo, Mieke Verloo, Georgina Waylen and Laurel Weldon.

The conference is open to all those interested in gendered institutional analysis. We would therefore welcome individual paper proposals on any aspect of the study of gender, institutions, institutional change and feminist institutionalism – including both theoretically and empirically focused papers. Full panel and roundtable proposals are also welcome.

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