Global future perspectives in gender studies emerging from international debate

Logo_AGGlobal future perspectives in gender studies emerging from international debate.

Round Table

About Gender. N. 1. 2015. Special issue

“Current perspectives on gender studies in thirteen countries are debated in the four Round Tables re-printed in this special supplement of the Journal About Gender (AG).

The AG Round Table is a chaired forum – organised virtually, through email and/or spoken conversation over the Internet – about themes that relate to the central topics of the monographic issues or to relevant current questions. Its purpose is to gather different points of view in order to engage in dialogue, comparing a variety of disciplinary perspectives. …

The participants were asked to answer three questions:

1. What is the state of gender studies in your Country/Region – strengths and weaknesses?

2. In your opinion, what are the emergent challenges in your Country/Region?

3. Looking ahead, can you try to identify some trends and perspectives for gender studies in Europe (Canada)?

Each Round Table was preceded by a short introduction, and the three last ended with closing remarks.

This supplement contains the English version of all four round tables, …”

Rita Bencivenga

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