Looking for gender in the EU 9th FP

In the EU 6th Framework Programme several Gender mainstreaming measures were included.

The guides for proposers of the largest-scale projects required them to draw up a Gender Action Plan (GAP) stating how they intended to take gender issues into account in their research.

But this requirement disappeared in the 7th FP.

The 8th Framework Programme, Horizon 2020, has again included a number of measures and calls related to gender and to the inclusion of gendered approaches in research projects.

The Commission is currently starting its considerations and planning for FP9. It is, therefore, necessary for the Member States to start making up their minds, in order to provide timely input into the planning process.

However, several documents available online do not include the terms “gender” and “women”, urging all individuals and organisations interested in gender issues to take action.

For more information: “From H2020 to the 9th Framework Programme: looking for gender”: SAGE_BS_BENCIVENGA














For more information

For more information: From H2020 to the 9th Framework Programme: looking for gender.

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