Tag: Equality

  • Adding a gender+ dimension to research and teaching: where to start?

    As an EDI expert and practitioner, I am often confronted with the difficulties that ESRs face when it comes to adding a gender+ dimension to research and teaching content.

  • Equality Plan di un’Alleanza di università Europee

    Nella prima fase di Ulysseus (University Alliance) abbiamo lavorato a creare una base comune. La condividiamo ora che è iniziato il lavoro per proseguire nel cammino verso l’inclusione.

  • Every Researcher Counts!

    Every Researcher Counts!

    Four years of hard work on equality and diversity in research, excellent results! “Every Researcher Counts aims to change culture and practice and build capacity within HEI’s by embedding equality and diversity within the normal business of employing researchers and supporting their career development.” Examples of Every Researcher Counts resources: Actions for All – a reflection on all…

  • Equal relationships

    Is gay marriage the ultimate equal relationship? … The shift to the equal relationship has confused many. Some conservatives think we’ve arrived at what they’ve been dreading since 1963: a sexual era of anything goes. Rush Limbaugh, the American shock jock, grumbled in January that gay marriage was part of “a movement to normalise paedophilia”. That’s…

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