Tag: Sexism

  • ATGender spring conference

    Setting a New Agenda for the Equality Policies “ATGENDER has established a tradition of organizing Spring Conferences dedicated to research and teaching/learning in Women’s, Gender and Feminist Studies, but also to activism, policy making, and dissemination of information. Following the successful ATGENDER conferences in Belgium(Brussels 2010), the Netherlands(Utrecht 2011), Hungary(Budapest 2012),and Sweden(Gothenburg 2013) the turn has now come…

  • A proposito di stereotipi di genere

    Sexual violence isn’t just about rape or physical harassment. It begins when we hurt people through the words we use and attitudes we carry. Stereotypes of what it means to be a man or woman—for instance, boys should do physical activities and girls need to be “ladylike”—can limit our worth and potential, and create an…

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