ATGender spring conference

Setting a New Agenda for the Equality Policies

ATGENDER has established a tradition of organizing Spring Conferences dedicated to research and teaching/learning in Women’s, Gender and Feminist Studies, but also to activism, policy making, and dissemination of information. Following the successful ATGENDER conferences in Belgium(Brussels 2010), the Netherlands(Utrecht 2011), Hungary(Budapest 2012),and Sweden(Gothenburg 2013) the turn has now come to Spainand the next conference is hosted by Barcelona Provincial Council in the Francesca Bonnemaison Centre, from 25th to 27th June 2014.

ATGENDER – committed to fostering an interchangeability of its Spring Conferences’ topics which are respectively research, teaching/learning, and activism/policy making – dedicates this year Spring Conference to:

  • Gender equality and policy making
  • crossroads and intersections of feminist activism and equality polices
  • establishing connections between equality agents, feminist activists, information specialists and those involved in academic gender studies

The conference is meant to gather ATGENDER and non-ATGENDER members interested in the interaction and exchange between gender studies research, teaching, and gender equality.

Since the 1970s feminist activism, equal opportunity policies, and research of gender relations have dramatically changed.The gender as an interface of policymaking, research, and activism is no longer limited to equal opportunities, but it is part of projects aimed at reducing violence against women, unemployment and social inclusion, migration and racial discrimination, poverty and social exclusion. Gender knowledge, as produced by students and researchers in gender studies has found its way into countless successful actions, projects, innovations, alternatives that have worked towards increased gender justice. At this conference we take stock of these results.

ATGender, spring conference, 25-27 June 2014, Barcelona

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