ATGENDER Spring Conference

Final program of the ATGENDER Spring Conference: “A new agenda for gender equality policies”, June 25-27, 2014, Barcelona (English & Catalan)

This time, under the title «A new agenda for gender equality policies», the conference calls for focus in the political field, because today more than ever, we need to forge links to progress in gender equality policies throughout Europe.

Since the first International Women’s Conference, there has been a remarkable political, economic and social

transformation in the field of the recognition of women’s rights and opportunities. Thanks to the intervention of governmental agencies, civil movements, NGOs, academia, etc., equality is part of the political agenda of the European States.

However, today we live in difficult times, not only due to the economic crisis; society is more complex and diverse, therefore, it is necessary to define a new agenda that takes into consideration the multiplicity of actors and realities, to face new challenges.


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