From ‘Digital Humanities’ to a Humanities of the Digital

The conference will analyze this special focus through an interdisciplinary lens, addressing the theme through keynote
speakers, garden sessions, workshops, and parallel sessions:
• The ‘digital’ as a social imaginary: exploring historical continuities and ruptures in social and cultural practices in the
era of digital cultures.
• The digital within the humanities: new methods and tools for documentation, research, and representation.
• The political economy of digital humanities: e-learning, e-publishing, and the reframing of disciplines and institutions.
• Big data and little data; negotiating the public and the private.
• Open access and open cultures: developing sustainable knowledge ecologies
• Adapting methodologies and focus in the digital age: has the dust settled on the ‘digital humanities’?
• From the digital humanities, to a humanities of the digital; rebuilding the humanities in the shadow of the digital, and
developing a humanities of the digital.

Thirteenth International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities
‘From the ‘Digital Humanities’ to a Humanties of the Digital’
University of British Columbia, Vancouver Campus
Vancouver, Canada
17-19 June 2015

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